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Use the filter, select genres and watch the best music videos! The most popular videos are rising up by your views and likes!


Use the filter, select genres and watch the best music videos! The most popular videos are rising up by your views and likes!

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Look at some new artists you may not have seen before!

Our project is a unique project that caters to the interests of new talented artists who want to get discovered by loving fans. It’s a great starting point for all those amazing bands or musicians to start their careers. The website has tons of viewers and the best thing is that all users are music fans.

When using the platform, you know that your video will be seen by your target audience. Instead of spending time in vain on Facebook or other social networks, you immediately gain some listeners. Promoting your music brand has never been so easy!

And another great thing is that the platform is a heaven for music admirers who often struggle to find something new, unique, and exciting. With Lookmymusic, you will never again struggle to find new works by talented artists.

Talented Artists: What Do We Offer?

Lookmymusic is an easy to use site that helps new artists and music fans. It caters to the interests of all beginning artists performing in various genres and subgenres. It’s one of the best websites since it has a huge audience of listeners and it offers equal conditions to all artists.

It doesn’t matter from what country or city you come, only talent matters. Anyone can become famous while using Lookmymusic. This is what we offer:

  • A safe environment to grow and progress as an artist.
  • A huge audience of listeners from all corners of the world.
  • A possibility to upload your video and gain recognition.

Promotion with is extremely easy and smooth. The moment you upload a video, you get into the “New Artists” list on the main page. There are always users online on this website, so they will notice you immediately. Plus, the site has a huge user base and people frequently seek new artists to enjoy their works. Lookmymusic is a great place to start your career as a musician.

Advantages for Listeners

The best thing about this platform is that it is also helpful to all those music fans out there. People who can’t live without music recognize this feeling of not being able to find new works. You have your favorite artists, their works, but it’s still not enough. You feel this urge to listen to something new, exciting so that you can put it on repeat and enjoy all week.

With Lookmymusic you will have a great opportunity to find artists performing in all genres and subgenres. Here is what the platform offers to music enthusiasts:

  • New works of talented artists.
  • Music in all possible genres.
  • The possibility of creating and sharing playlists with your friends.
  • A chance to share the link to a video on social networks and thus helping talented artists to get the recognition they deserve

You may find some unique artists and create amazing playlists to share them with friends. All you need is an account. When you log in, you will see the “My Playlist” section. Add some amazing videos and share with friends. You may discover great works by talented singers or bands and help them grow and gain recognition.

Join Today is a free platform that helps artists on their path to becoming famous. The site has numerous users from all corners of the world. It has benefits for listeners since they may enjoy the works of unknown foreign artists. It’s easy to find your way to fame while using this website. listeners are eager to share fascinating videos so more people could appreciate the works of talented artists.

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