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What do you imagine when you hear words “metal music artists”? Yes, men with long hair, guitars, drums, strong melodies and stunning vocal. That type is not for all but those people who like such kind of melodies draw inspiration from that energy and wildness.

The “parents” of this style are blues rock and garage punk. At first metal (M.) was played in garage but step by step it succeeded to earn a place in the sun. Now it’s one of the most beloved styles with thousands of fans all over the earth. Founding fathers and main pillars of M. are such legends as “Led Zeppelin” and “Judas Priest”. They all were founded in 1968 and we can say for sure that this year was the first year of M. music. In 1970th were founded “Motörhead”, then “Mötley Crüe”, after that “Metallica” and “Sepultura”.

Nowadays this kind of music is becoming increasingly well-loved and a lot of new heavy metal bands take up the baton and change old style. Here you can find music videos of the most successful new heavy metal bands from all over the earth:

  • “Eluveitie” from Switzerland, which is one of the best folk-M. bands. They use old instrument, for example, hurdy-gurdy and tin whistles. Practically all lyrics of this new band are written in ancient Gaulish.
  • “Issue” from USA, which includes two metal singers with clean and unclean vocal. The band was founded in 2012 by the former vocalist of other metalcore band named “Woe, is me”.
  • “Unleash the Archers” from Canada, which plays a medley of heavy and melodic M. The distinctive feature of the band is female vocal.
  • “Amaranthe” (former “Avalanche”) from Sweden, which plays power and trance M. and is famous for two singers: a man and a woman.

Of course, it’s not the full list of new metal musicians and bands. Look through the webpage and find something new! By the way, there is a lot of music of all kinds: new pop music artists, new alternative rock bands, new blues artists, new rap artists and so forth.

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