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All best tracks you are listening to are a pop. Genre, which creates and makes the most favourite songs become hits. The term “pop music” means a music of general appeal. Pop music hits is a style, which arose in 1950, drawing from rock&roll.

You will find a lot of pop music videos on this site, which were made by new young artists. Songs start to become a pop part, because of content:

  • successful pop-music formula;
  • light votes;
  • slow or drive rhythm;
  • very catchy melody;
  • lyrical, mellow or upbeat chorus that everybody wants to repeat more and more;
  • memorable words form.

It's interesting to notice where famous artists got starts and first glory, so see music videos and discover new English pop music that you've never heard.

Pop’s melodies are simple way to relax. Listening melodies helps to feel excitement, "space out".

Why pop music videos are popular?

These songs aim to appealing most massive audience, rather than sub-culture. When somebody sees video, he can define himself. Music stirs emotion within listener (love, hate, anger, emptiness). Those types of songs always seem sincere. Pop music makes people remember happy times and escape from problems accumulated during the day.

Nowadays many young artists (boys bands, girls/mix groups, single artists) create much more hits than popular commercially projects. Their songs aren’t loud, eclectic. Pop is so lovely because it’s made for all people in contrast reggae, hip-hop, jazz, folk & ethno.

There’s a great ranging of interesting music, particularly music videos, in this section of site such as rock, metal, electronic being produced in Britain and other countries by young artist: pop bands, solo artists. Moreover, here you can discover blues melodies and metal.

Drop the Beat: start listening pop music.

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