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Electronic music is one of the most popular music styles today. It is created by using electronic musical instruments and computers. It seems so easy to make such music but in reality it needs a lot of skills and abilities.

Curiously enough but first ancestors of electronic instruments were created in 19 century. Years went by and finally the style became very popular. It has been developing since 1920s and now it’s really hard to find a song with no electronic melodies.

There are a lot of young but very talented musicians all over the world. Here you can find top electronic music videos suited to every fancy. Here you can find:

  • A duet of two australian DJs named "Nervo" from Melbourne. Two women are very popular and named "the most paid DJs' duet";
  • "ONUKA" from Kiev, Ukraine. The band plays a mixture of electronic and folk music;
  • A french band named "C2C" from Nantes. "C2C" was found in 1998 and since that time they have been playing electronical trip-hop;
  • "Sigma" from British city Leeds, their style is drum'n'bass;
  • Madeon from Nantes in France;
  • "Zedd" - a project of russian musician, which is located in Kaiserslautern in Germany and that's not all!

Don't like electronic music? We have a lot of videos of another music styles: rock, rap, metal, jazz and so forth. Enjoy!

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