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Rock music is the most expressive style. Nobody can stay indifferent listening to heavy guitar riffsand strong voices of flamboyant musicians.A great variety of styles from death metal to soft rock allow to choose something to one’s liking.

Blues and rock-and-roll are ancestors of rock music and since that time it has been developing, changing and gaining popularity. Everyday new and new musicians and bands produce their singles and albums and use different musical instruments, which make their songs unique.

You can watch videos of rock band from all over the world from Asia to Europe and America. All of the musicians have their special features. For instance, a hallmark of German “Kraftklub” is dance music and Sprechgesang (something between speaking and singing). A cold voice of the front man of English indie-rock band “Editors”touches souls, full of energy punk melodies of “The Subways” make every people dance.

The variety of subgenres in rock videos is the icing on the cake:

  • “The Comfort” band is for such people who like screaming and moshing and are not afraid to blow out their eardrums;
  • “S.A.R.S.” is the real treasure for boys and girls fancying ethnic melodies and Serbian;
  • “Noize MC” from Russia connects rap and alternative music;
  • “Dubiozakolektiv” from Sarajevo worth loving for political and funny lyrics about present-days issues and so forth.
  • “Bring Me the Horizon” famous band from Britain is for such people who like progressive rock.

The full list of bands and musicians you can find below. Take pleasure in rock music videos of different genres and find something new!

You can find clips of pop, rap, electronic, jazz music as well. Just click on the category and watch videos of new and big-name musicians from all parts of the world. All clips have HD quality and perfect sound. Enjoy it!

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